Western Chic.

“All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow”

“Real love is hard to find. Just when you think you’ve found it the illusions in ur eyes, it blinds”

Urban Outfitters Top  // Quay Australia Sunglasses // American Eagle Jeans // American Eagle Aviators // Asos Flats // Vintage Scarf

This look was all about simplicity. I found a ton of elegant silk scarves in my mom’s closet. By tying a square scarf around your neck and pairing it with casual jeans and a simple top, you can create a more everyday outfit while also modernising two trends at once. By knotting a top you can show a little skin without revealing too much, and create an edgier or more unique look without looking like you tried too hard.

Peep toe flats and metallics are in as well, and the ones I’m wearing are inspired by Kendall Jenner’s Chanel sneakers worth probably over $1000. You can find these on Asos.com for only $34!

Let people better you as a human but don’t let anyone change who you really are, especially your creativity.

Trend Find: Silk scarves.

Trend Find #2: Reflective colored glasses.

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