Baby, it’s cold outside.

“All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

Asos Top  // Quay Australia Sunglasses // Vintage Jewelry // Blue Urban Outfitters Jacket // Pacific Sunwear Skirt // Vintage Fur Coat //

For this look I took lots of inspiration from vintage magazines and styles. I am obsessed with layered chunky earrings-they make any look more high class. These vintage looking clear Quay sunglasses put the whole look together and create a nostalgic feel. Hoop nose rings are popping up everywhere as well. I wanted this shoot to represent the tones of winter and the background really helped make the whole look pop (it’s all about finding the light and shadows).

The striped skirt brings dimension to the outfit and the fact that it’s high-wasted helps keep the class, showing just the right amount of skin. As for the fur coat, I literally just found it in my mom’s closet filled with vintage coats and I’m addicted to wearing it now. Fur is H U G E right now and it’s super cozy for the cold air. I love playing with reflections and all Quay sunglasses allow me to do that. Highly recommend them.

To discuss the makeup I have to note my obsession with defining my cheek bones and smoking out my eye shadow. Nude lipstick compliments smokey eyes and if you haven’t gotten your hands on Pure Hollywood Liquid Lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills GO GET IT!!!! It’s the perfect nude.

Hope you enjoy (:




If you don’t learn to appreciate what you have you will find yourself searching for the intangible.

Trend Find: Vintage Fur Coats/ Fur Lined Denim Jackets.

Trend Find: Thrifted Jewelry.

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