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PreLab Sheet Mask Review – “Drink water like it’s going out of style…”

I wanted to share my thoughts on this Prelab Aqua Energy sheet mask from Urban Outfitters with you guys! I actually didn’t expect it to be a sheet mask primarily because of the packaging which looked like it was a tube filled with a normal cream face mask. As it sat on my face for 15 minutes or so I began to feel a cooling sensation. It was very refreshing and after a long weekend of partying and very little sleep this sheet mask literally boosted my skin with nutrients and hydration. None of my high end or even drug store brand face masks have compared to this level of moisture that felt like literal rain drops were being absorbed through my skin. This was my first time ever using a sheet mask so I don’t have the ability to share info on other brands but I have very inconsistent skin, meaning it’s either very dry or mildly oily but it’s never normal. So this was a perfect choice for me. The way my skin glowed as soon as I took it of was very shocking to me because it had never been that intensely smooth and radiant immediately after treatment. I’m probably going to purchase some for my friends and family to experiment with because they are great gifts. There are three different types being sold at Urban Outfitters. The blue one: Aqua Energy for hydration, the yellow one: Soothing Energy for calming and the green one: Wrinkle Energy for anti-aging purposes.

Sheet masks originated in Korea and are now trending all over the US. The Aqua Energy in particular contains sea salt which helps with cleansing pores deeply while balancing the production of oil and diminishes bacteria that can cause breakouts and acne.  The Soothing Energy mask has tea tree oil extract which prevents excessive oils and calms the skin from irritation. The Butylene Glycol in it acts as a skin conditioner as well. Lastly, the Wrinkle Energy contains Glycerin, which can be naturally derived from plant oils. It is a humectant meaning it works to moisturize skin by drawing water from air and feeding it to the skin’s outer layer, while also forming a protective layer preventing moisture loss.

It is important to note that in order to get ideal results from any face masks, it is crucial to start with a clean canvas by exfoliating prior to application. For more info about sheet masks check out this cool article I found.

Super dope product. My skin feels so nourished and soft. 100% would purchase again. Find it on urbanoutfitters.com under this link. Also for an even healthier glow use a moisterizor on top and a coat of self tanner. My favorite self tanner (I’m pale as snow) is by tanceuticals in dark. 🙂


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